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Tips and Suggestions

Health and Grooming

•  Healthy Nail Programme

We suggest you begin 6 months or more, in advance of the event. HOWEVER, it is never too late! One manicure can make a refreshing difference!

•  Pedicures

We recommend at least 2 treatments prior to the event. Of course, the more treatments the better the result, so try to start early if you can!

•  Cleanse/Tone/Moisturise

Twice daily or at least once per day! (See interactive sessions or ask for guidance)

Colour Co-ordination

•  Nail colour - Hands/Feet

We suggest that you have a manicure or pedicure first - you will be pleased!

•  Nail Art - Hands/Feet

Customised to match outfits, shoes, jewellery etc.

Designs may be similar to those of an outfit or perhaps some detail within the fabric, jewellery detail, scarf and so on.

Single or multiple gems can add a little glamour and can be just as simple as one stone on the ring finger!!

•  Make-up

Rehearsal advised but not essential.

Colours are used to contrast with outfits, complexion, eyes and taking into account, the surroundings. Our make-up look can be affected by the colours that we wear and also that of others around us. Weddings are a prime example, whereby the bride is likely to spend a lot of time around the bridesmaids!! You may be attending a themed event based on particular colours, which we would take into account when applying your make-up.

•  Bridal Shower Bonding Bare Escentuals session

This is not restricted to weddings of course, but a lovely way of bringing ladies together, particularly before a special event. This will enable them to have some fun in addition to learning about a new concept of make-up that perhaps they may be wearing at a later date! In this instance, using and wearing the make-up in advance, may boost their confidence before the event.

This is a very good ice breaker for those who have not met!!!