Natural Nail Care

Bitten nails! Splitting nails!! Soft & Peeling!! Damaged!! Unhealthy looking!!

Sound familiar?

We would like to encourage you to work with us in helping you to achieve good results, and continuous improvement, leading to a beautiful healthy set of nails that you are proud of!

By way of monthly manicures (recommended minimum 6 months but not restricted to!) not only are we providing the basic grooming and health requirements for your nails on a regular basis, but we pride ourselves in guiding you through the process, so that the whole treatment makes good sense!

Home care advice is provided on an individual basis, so that you can enjoy being a part of the process between treatments in the comfort of your home, witnessing the results as they occur.

Working together on a regular basis enhances the relationship between manicurist and client, making the learning process more relaxing and enjoyable. The personal discipline of 'what to do' and 'what to avoid' - becomes an automatic part of every day life and NOT the big deal that we once made it!

Your achievements are our success too!

Remember! A short healthy groomed nail can look more attractive than a long unhealthy one! Length is possible but the health has to come first!!