Mission Statement

It is my belief that all women possess a natural beauty, but some require a helping hand in identifying this!

Amazing Grace represents the transformation that takes place in a woman, as she learns to take care of herself in a natural way - enhancing what she already has as opposed to covering it up! There are a proportion of women who maybe would tend to 'isolate' themselves, as it were, from any kind of pampering whatsoever. Managing to justify to themselves, that for instance, they do not deserve it, or that 'it is a waste of time'. These ladies, together with the many who have very busy lifestyles would naturally find it extremely difficult to attend a salon, let alone receive a treatment in a public place.

Amazing Grace's mission is to encourage ladies by way of relating on a one to one basis, or small groups within the comfort of their own homes. Offering 'Natural Nail Care' treatments and home care tips/guidance to the client, in an effort to gradually instil confidence, as the benefits of the treatments are realised.

The latest addition to Amazing Grace is to offer make-up demonstrations, encouraging the clients to interact and gain confidence in applying natural looking make-up that is good for your skin! Bare Escentuals is a new revolutionary concept of applying 100% pure ground minerals to the skin to give a natural radiance and healthy look, also enjoying an SPF factor 15 within the various foundation shades. It is said to be so pure you can sleep in it, in addition to being skin care with colour! Bare Escentuals is from the U.S.A. and is only currently available from selective  salons throughout the UK, so we are pleased to join the team in promoting a make-up which even the medical profession are said to recommend after surgery! This make-up is 100% pure and contains no pore clogging agents such as talc, mineral oils or chemicals, for this reason it can be seen to improve the skin, reduce and help to heal spots or some blemishes.

Amazing Grace prides itself in providing a natural and healthy service to all ladies while giving step by step guidance to those who are willing to learn.