Luxury spa manicure approximately 1 hour

A luxurious gentle hand treatment bringing health to the nails and cuticles, whilst renewing the appearance of the skin. An apple cuticle remover non abrasively breaks down the residue of unattractive dead skin cells that build up around the nail base. A botanical-enriched seaweed soak with olive leaf softeners, jojoba and Ylang Ylang cleanse and hydrates the hands and cuticles. Hands and arms are gently exfoliated using a conditioner enriched with mango extract and seaweed crystals, creating healthier looking skin. A unique natural revitalising, complex blend of wheatgerm, calcium, grapeseed, sesame oil and vitamins are applied to the cuticles to nourish, moisturise and protect. Grapeseed oil, made from grapes of Tuscany in Italy , is applied and absorbed (aided by warm mitts) leaving the hands feeling and appearing softer and refreshed. A silky lavender *moisturiser is massaged gently into the hands and arms promoting a soothing and calming effect, whilst conditioning and uncovering fresh radiant skin.

*Papaya and green tea available as alternative to lavender.

Price £23.00

Xpress manicure approximately  mins

Ideal as a maintenance treatment for those with busy lifestyles! Bella Mani Manicure- incorporating nail shaping, gentle cuticle  tidy up, a relaxing hand and wrist massage, completing with application of a nail strengthener. Hands will feel refreshed, displaying healthier looking nails.

Price £15.00

Please allow an extra 15 minutes for client consultation during first appointments for each treatment.