Natural Make-Up for Natural People

Bare Escentuals

Amazing Grace uses Bare Escentuals for all makeovers and interactive sessions. Bare Escentuals is a new revolutionary concept of applying 100% pure ground minerals to the skin to give a natural radiance and healthy look, also enjoying an SPF factor 15 within the foundations and concealers. It is said to be so pure you can sleep in it, in addition to being skin care with colour! Bare Escentuals is from the U.S. A. and is only available from selective salons, so we are pleased to join the team in promoting a product that the medical profession recommend after surgery! This make-up is 100% pure and contains no pore clogging agents such as talc, mineral oils, chemicals or fragrances, in which case can be seen to improve the skin, reduce and help to heal spots or some blemishes. Our makeovers are very relaxing and interactive, aimed at enhancing natural beauty, which we all possess, as opposed to covering it up!!!

Interactive Makeover Session£25.00

Evening/Special Occasions £25.00

Bridal (Including Rehearsal) £65.00

25.00 per extra person)